Advance Dental Care Stick for dogs

Dental cleaning sticks for medium and large dogs. You can use as an occasional snack into a complete diet.

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Dental cleaning stick for medium and large dogs. It is compatible with a complete diet as an occasional snack supplement.

Tartar buildup, gingivitis, or bad breath can lead to dental disease. Dental Care Stick is designed for dental care and tartar removal. It is a snack in the shape of a starry stick. While the dog nibbles it, the mechanical action removes the remains of food. Thanks to its star shape, chewing time is prolonged by 40%, improving effectiveness. With the Dentalshiel system, the action is complemented by stopping the formation of dental plaque thanks to the exclusive bacteriostatic active principle.

Intended for small, medium and large breed dogs.
Compatible with a complete diet as occasional administration.
Recommended one unit daily.

Cereals, by-products of vegetable origin, meat and animal by-products, mineral substances (others, 1% tetrasodium diphosphate), oils and fats.

Analytical components:
Protein (8%), fat content (3%), crude fibers (1.5%), inorganic matter (3%), moisture (25%), sodium and calcium salt of ascorbic monophosphate (1200 mg).

Weight N/A
Dimensions 40 × 80 × 200 cm


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