Freedog Nylon Training Puller

Freedog nylon training puller. It is made up of high quality nylon with two metal carabiners. One meter long strap. The millimeters referred to in the article name is the thickness of the nylon.

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The Freedog nylon training puller allows you to give it more or less length and at the same time have good control over the dog.

Indicated for educational processes of the pet in the shortest position. The intermediate length position is recommended for comfortable walking in cities. In the longest position, fun walks in the field for more freedom of the pet. For a quality ride, it is necessary not to pull on the leash, but that does not mean that it has to be attached to our leg. He can walk before us, if he wants, as long as it is in a calm manner. Designed for dogs of all breeds. Available in various colors

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