Intersand Extrem Classic clumping cat litter

Intersand Extreme Classic clumping cat litter without perfume. It has a Triple Action Formula which forms solid lumps, neutralizes bad odors and is free of dust.

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Intersand Extreme Classic clumping cat litter features the new and exclusive patented triple action formula to eliminate odors even more effectively.

Thanks to the rapid formation of extra solid lumps of this new Extreme Classic cat litter, it prevents them from sticking to your cat’s paws and ultimately falling to the bathroom floor. All this makes it easier to clean your cat’s litter box and dispose of dirty litter. In addition, its high absorption capacity of 350% makes it possible to spread more, since you only have to throw away the lumps that form instead of all the sand. Fill your kitty’s litter box regularly with clean absorbent litter. Extreme Classic is dust-free (99.9%), which will help keep your home clean and your cat’s health.

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