Menu Big for dogs 5kg

Ideal menu for large breeds. Little chopped, getting a perfect texture for your dog.


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This is a superfood for dogs for its high level of protein, probiotics, collagen and fat that will help the intestinal and physical functioning of your pet. Frozen menu ready to serve! 100% organic and natural. 0% additives, preservatives, dyes, 0% gluten, 0% cereals. Raw material of the best quality.

Composition Veal:
30%, Veal viscera: 5%, Veal fat: 10%, Veal trachea: 10%, Lamb viscera: 5%, Lamb breast: 10%, Lamb green casing: 15%, Pumpkin/Zucchini: 10%, Apple/Pear: 4%, Olive oil: 1%

Analytical Constituents
Humidity: 73.59%, Proteins: 13.3%, Fat (hydrolysis): 8.9%, Inorganic matter: 1.39%, Dietary fiber: 1.3%, Crude fiber: <2-%, Sodium: 0.14%

How to prepare food?
The Squeaky Foods menus are already crushed and cut into portions of 500 g approx. Ready to serve. We recommend taking out the appropriate amount to thaw in a plate or bowl the night before. This way, your pet will have his menu ready to eat in the morning. Once thawed, it can be stored for up to 72 hours in the fridge. Do not forget to clean your hands, utensils and dining rooms with hot water once the food is served.

Weight 5 kg


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