Menu de Cabra para perros 6kg

B.A.R.F Ecological frozen menu ready to serve. 100% organic and natural with raw materials of the best quality


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Ideal for transition to raw diet, for dogs with food sensitivities and environmental allergies, for overweight dogs and suitable for use in dogs with mild liver problems (not moderate or severe This menu contains 90% goat meat, so it is super protein. Iron and potassium help maintain your pet’s cardiovascular health. In addition, this type of meat favors the strengthening of your pet’s immune system thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

Goat Brisket: 40%, Goat Liver: 5%, Goat Kidney: 3%, Goat Spleen: 3%, Goat Meat Trim: 39%, Pumpkin: 5% and Apple: 5%

Analytical Components:
Moisture: 71.2%, Proteins: 16.9%, Fat (hydrolysis): 8.9%, Inorganic matter: 1.8%, Dietary fiber: 2%, Crude fiber: <2-% and Sodium: 0, 19%

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