Natura diet +7 senior dogs, Low Grain

Natura diet +7 is a delicious and complete dog food which supplies all senior dog’s needs.

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Natura Diet +7 fodder is a recipe perfectly adapted to the needs of dogs over 7 years old. It is a Low Grain feed that contains highly digestible ingredients for maximum use of nutrients. A delicious cooked recipe based on cooked chicken, rice, apple, lamb, salmon, potato, salmon oil, brewer’s yeast, flax oil, fruits and vegetables. It helps smooth and fast digestions, takes care of your joints and prevents senile disorders.

With Natura Diet +7 in the maturity stage, we try to fill previous deficiencies due to poor quality food, protect its enzymatic and osteoarticular system, slow down its senile disorders, take care of its intestinal mucosa and flora and provide the essential fatty acids that the animal already he is not able to generate at this stage of his life. Delays aging, prevents senile disorders, strengthens eye health and the immune system.

Dehydrated chicken meat (28%), rice (20%), dehydrated apple (9%), rice flour, chicken fat, vegetable protein concentrate, dehydrated potato, dehydrated lamb, dehydrated salmon, hydrolyzed chicken oil, salmon, brewer’s yeast, linseed oil, beet pulp. PROHEALTH (1%): green lipped mussel extract, krill extract, dried carrot, dried tomato, dried Indian rose, dried alfalfa, dried seaweed, dandelion seed extract, dried broccoli, dried broccoli seed extract green tea, dehydrated chamomile, citrus extract, borage oil, oregano seed extract, milk thistle seed extract, blueberries, L-carnitine, taurine, FOS, MOS, probiotics. PROSAFE COMPLEX (0.03%): rosemary, cloves, grapefruit, vegetable oils rich in alpha tocopherols.

Analytical Components
Crude protein 27%, crude oils and fats 13%, crude fiber 3%, crude ash 7.5%, humidity 10%.

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