Select Sterilised Cat food

Complete and balanced diet, easily digested, for sterilized cats from 12 months of age. Introduce variety in the diet.

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Select Cat Sterilized is specially developed to satisfy the needs of the sterilized cat. Its formulation helps to maintain the health and the ideal weight for the cat, which has lower energy needs than an unsterilized adult cat. Sterilized cats need a complete and balanced food to help them develop their daily activity and take care of their well-being. This is why Select Cat Sterilized is formulated to prevent the appearance of urinary stones. It is also designed to help your cat to more comfortably eliminate hairballs that accumulate in its stomach. Its lower fat intake will help counteract a slight tendency to obesity. Proximity product. Picart products are local as they are made in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Barcelona.

Dehydrated chicken meat (50%), Tapioca, Sweet Potato, Corn Gluten, Animal fats, Dehydrated egg, Minerals, Yeasts, Hydrolyzed animal proteins, Pea fiber, Vegetable fibers, MOS prebiotics.

Analytical components:
Protein: 27%, Fat content: 14%, Inorganic matter: 7%, Crude fibers: 3%, Taurine: 1,340 mg.

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