Wet cat food Select Sterilised 100gr

Monoprotein cat wet food. It has high meat content and is grain free. Complete food for sterilized adult cats.


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Select Cat Wet Sterilised is specially formulated for the needs of the sterilized cat. Its composition helps to maintain health and adequate weight for the cat, which has lower energy requirements than an unsterilized adult cat. Specifically designed so that the cat receives a lower caloric intake while satisfying its protein and vitamin needs. Thanks to its low phosphorus content and nutritional additives, it is formulated to prevent the formation of urinary stones.

70% Meat and animal by-products (30% Dehydrated Beef, 30% Poultry), 28.6% Broth,

Analytical components
1% Minerals, Oils and Fats (0.1% Salmon Oil), 0.1% DL-Methionine, 0.1% L-Carnitine, 0.1% L-Lysine, Protein: 10.2%, Fat Content: 4.9%, Inorganic Matter: 2.2%, Crude Fibers: 0.3%, Humidity: 79%, Phosphorus: 0.2%, Natrium: 0.2%.

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