Our commitment to you

Indidogs is about natural and proximity food. We are committed to healthy products, without additives, and local origin. We promote animal healthy lifestyle, and we are engaged in the local economy.


A natural diet for optimal health and improve longevity. Products without additives, without artificial coloring, and without added sugars.

We prefer grain free and low grain feed with meat as the principal ingredient, combined with super ingredients such as quinoa, goji berries, ginger or blueberries, etc.

Sustainability is a great value for us, we collaborate in reducing the impact of polluting gas emissions from transport.

At IndiDogs we choose local producers, valuing their quality and the environmental improvements produced by the km 0 economy.


Social responsibility

We do not sell animals, we promote adoption. All year long we collect material, food, and medicine for many animal protection institutions. In addition, we organize adoption catwalks and solidarity events.

The Gracia store

Indidogs is a store located in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. We are specialized in natural and local food and the B.A.R.F diet.

On-line shop

Indidogs also have an on-line store specialized in last-mile distribution. Here you will find natural products from committed producers and local brands, B.A.R.F. diet, natural feed, snacks, and accessories.

At the same time, the virtual store becomes a meeting and information site. We manage events, we talk about last news, products, trends, and advice.

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