Lamb with chicken and vegetables, dog menu of Squeaky

B.A.R.F frozen menu ready to eat. 100% organic and natural with the best quality ingredients

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Ready-to-serve B.A.R.F frozen menu. 100% organic and natural with raw material of the best quality. Without additives, preservatives, colorants, gluten, or cereals. Lamb contains proteins of high biological value and large amounts of essential amino acids. It contains tryptophan (a precursor of serotonin) and melatonin, the latter being responsible for the relaxation processes and sleep cycles. It contains folic and linoleic acid and highlights its content in vitamins A, E and those of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12) that promote the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Chicken is considered white meat, easily digestible for the digestive system of dogs. It is a meat rich in protein, but low in fat. It is easy to consume and is a source of minerals such as phosphorus, which contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth under normal conditions.

Squeaky Foods is a family business that has been in the natural pet food market for more than 8 years. They are the first B.A.R.F diet brand in Spain to receive the Organic Certification and the first manufacturers of 100% natural frozen food with their own brand and factory. 100% of Squeaky Foods products are made and packaged in its factory, thus achieving maximum service efficiency and quality controls. Their menus are formulated by excellent nutritionists so that they are perfectly balanced. The fresh meat they use is of the best quality and selected by themselves. Their menus mostly contain muscle meat along with organ meat, ground bone and animal fat. They not only select the best meat, but mix it with seasonal fruits and vegetables to create nutrient-packed menus

Lamb meat (trimming of lean lamb and heart): 30%, lamb offal (liver and lung): 10%, ground lamb bone (breast of lamb): 10%, chicken meat (chicken carcass 20% , thigh trim 8.5%): 28.5%, chicken offal (liver and heart): 3%, pumpkin / zucchini: 10%, apple / pear: 6%, green beans: 1.5%, carrot : 1%.

Analytical Constituents
Moisture: 66.79%, proteins: 12.3%, fat (hydrolysis): 14.69%, inorganic matter: 2.1%, dietary fiber: 2.6%, crude fiber: <2-%, sodium: 0.08%.

How to prepare the food?
Squeaky Foods menus are already shredded and cut into portions of approx. 500 g. Ready to serve. We recommend taking out the appropriate amount to defrost on a plate or bowl the night before. In this way, your pet will have his menu ready to eat in the morning. Once thawed, it can be stored for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.

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