Versele-Laga Cuni Adult Complete rabbit feed

Complete rabbit feed. It is made up of extruded long fibers without grinding for a healthy and balanced diet.

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Versele-Laga Cuni Adult is a complete rabit feed. Each bite is made up of the same balanced mix of ingredients to ensure that the rodent does not select the pieces that it likes the most by not ingesting relevant nutrients.

Rabbits are vegetarian, croquettes include long fibers and vegetables, but not cereals. Apart from the supply of essential vitamins that your pet receives, adding 10% fresh vegetables increases the acceptance of the food. The long, unmilled fibers with a high silicate content condition a long chewing and the consequent necessary erosion of the teeth.

A low energy content, little starch and a lot of fiber are ideal to promote digestion and have a balanced diet. In this way, the rabbits will maintain their ideal weight.

Depending on the size, breed and age of the rabbit, an average daily ration of approximately 50 to 80 g. It is recommended to renew both food and water every day and provide them with a lot of hay.

Vegetable derivated (10% timothy grass, herbs and aromatic herbs), vegetable protein extracts, vegetables (4% carrots), seeds (2% flax seeds), minerals, fructo-oligosaccharides (0.3%), calendula, yucca .

Analytical components:
Crude protein (14%), crude fat (3%), crude fiber (20%), crude ash (7.5%), calcium (0.8%), phosphorus (0.6%).

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