Complementos crunchy Rolled Face 1ud

Long-lasting snack with high difficulty. The hair of the ECO Roll Face helps to clean our dog’s intestine while he is entertained. It stimulates the gums and fights and prevents tartar and plaque.


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100% Natural. 0% Preservatives, Additives and Flours. Certified organic product. What is the CCPAE Certificate? Ecological is the concept of naturalness, in Squeaky Foods we have the European Organic Certificate which is the certification of products derived from organic farming regulated by Community Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. In Spain, the certification of organic agricultural products is delegated to the Autonomous Communities and it is these that legislate the way of application of Community regulations.

100% Caravaca.

Nutritional Values
Protein: 58.1%, Fat: 15.4%, Humidity: 8.6%

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