MiniOrycs Adult guiena pig 1,4kg

Natural feed for adult guinea pigs from 5/7 months


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ORYCS Adult for guinea pigs is a food especially indicated for adult guinea pigs from 5/7 months. This delicious and complete food is enriched with vitamins and an extra supply of vitamin C. It has an optimal balance in fibers, proteins and fats for good health. Timothy’s Hay as the main ingredient provides an excellent fiber beneficial for intestinal transit. It also incorporates a wide variety of plants and flowers selected from the wild environment of the animal that contribute to the contribution of vitamins, trace elements and necessary nutritional substances. This food is based on the “All in One”, where each pellet grain contains all the nutrients necessary for a good nutritional balance and avoids the selection and waste of the feed.

Timothy’s hay, dehydrated alfalfa, wheat bran, sunflower meal, straw, soybeans, apple pulp, cane molasses, barley, vitamin C concentrate, dehydrated plants and flowers (dandelion, maca root, quinoa, thyme, milk thistle, plantain minor), vegetable oil, flax seed oregano extract.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 14.5%, Crude fat 2.5%, Crude fiber 21% and Calcium 0.78%.

Weight 1,4 kg


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