Ownat Classic Junior for dogs 4kg

Ownat Classic Junior for dogs 4kg intended for puppies from the end of lactation to adulthood


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It is a feed with a high energy contribution, very rich in proteins. It is enriched with calcium and vitamin E to promote the correct development of the muscles, bone structure and immune system, ensuring that your puppy is in optimal physical condition: strong, healthy, with energy and vitality.

Meats 39% (dehydrated meats 29%, fresh chicken* 10%), brown rice* (12%), whole wheat* (9%), chicken fat, whole corn* (8%), wheat bran* (8%), whole barley* (7%), whole peas* (2%), fresh apple* (1%), salmon oil, flax seed* (1%), beet pulp, fructo and manano oligosaccharides, brewer’s yeast* (0.5%), botanical herbs 0.02% (fennel*, echinacea*, thyme*), shidigera cassava extract. *Natural ingredients

Analytical components:
Protein 28%, Fat content 14%, Crude fibers 2.5%, Inorganic matter 7%, Humidity 8%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphorus 1.1%.

Weight 4 kg


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