Ownat Classic Mini Complet (Chicken, Lamp and Rice) for dogs 4kg

Ownat Classic Mini is a feed for adult dogs of small breeds, between 1 and 10 kg in weight, with a high caloric and protein percentage.


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These fresh chicken meat kibble is designed and designed for mini breeds, for those dogs that need to strengthen muscles and have constant energy. It also strengthens your immune system (fatty acids) and always keeps your skin and hair healthy (vitamins A, E and D). In addition, the minerals in this recipe help maintain strong bones and teeth.

Ingredients: Meats 34% (dehydrated meats 24%, fresh chicken 10%), whole wheat (18%), chicken fat, whole corn (8%), whole barley (8%), wheat bran (5%) and brown rice (5%), whole peas (4%), carob (2%) and fresh apple (1%).

Weight 4 kg


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