Schesir Small latas de comida para gatos de Atún con Salmón6x50gr

Schesir 50g single-dose cans for cats are a delicious food supplement. A supreme quality with natural and high quality ingredients. Cans with “chips” texture where we can see the content of the product.


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The richness of its content and its good appearance are appreciated just by opening a can. Its preparation is carried out in the most natural way, based on fresh ingredients (fish from the open sea and chickens raised on controlled farms) and with maximum respect for nature: it is a product that is not tested on animals. A complete and balanced diet for cats that ensures that all its flavor and freshness reach your pet’s digestive system. To do this, the manufacturing process of this superior quality wet food is carried out in a completely clean way. The meat and fish are cooked and filleted by hand, avoiding the use of dyes, preservatives and any animal or vegetable derivatives.

Fish (tuna 55%, salmon 4%) and rice 1.5%

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